What the examination includes

The examination includes taking anamnesis – asking the patient questions about the complaints, determining the neurological status and iris diagnostics. A working diagnosis is made, if it is necessary additional examinations and consultations are carried out. .

Iris diagnostics is a diagnostic methodology during which, by means of examination of the iris with a special device – iridoscope, we obtain information about the condition of all organs and systems in human body. This is a fast, screening diagnostic methodology and it is absolutely harmless.

The most important information we receive from the iris diagnostics is the determination of the constitution of the patient, which we call iris constitution type. In this way we obtain information for the diseases to which each patient is predisposed. This makes it possible to use individual approach in the diagnostics, prophylactics and treatment. As any other diagnostic methodology, the iris diagnostics also has its potentials and limitations which should not be overlooked.