Diseases of the nervous system in children

Childhood neuroses – common problem resulting from disrupted relations, mainly between parents and children, but also Between teachers and children, between the children themselves, there are many types, the most common being:
  • fear neuroses – fear of the dark, of separation, of the kindergarten or school, etc.
  • obtrusive neuroses – repetition of certain phrases or actions.
  • depressive neuroses – low spirits, bad mood and tendency to cry, etc.
  • psychosomatic symptoms – complaints of different organs resulting from psychological factors.
  • sexual neuroses
  • neurotic neglect, etc.
Beside conventional remedies, herbal therapy and homeopathy are also effective.
Cerebral palsy in children in all its forms and the often accompanying delay in psychic and speech development, epileptic syndrome, etc. Together with physiotherapy and rehabilitation, metabolic therapy in accordance with the method of Prof. Khokhlov is also recommended.
  • Memory disorders – herbal treatment and metabolic therapy are recommended.
  • Attention deficit – herbal treatment and metabolic therapy.
A metabolic therapy by the method of Prof.Hohlov – highly efficient and safe method for the treatment of serious neurological and other diseases, which until recently were considered incurable. Patients with diseases like child cerebral paralysis in different forms and stages, genetic diseases line Dawn’s syndrome, Klinefelter, Turner, neuro-muscular, primary muscle, epilepsy, etc. which until recently were considered hopeless, have found an alternative in this methodology. The clinic is located in Moscow, Dr.Sadakov is the uthorized representative for the Republic of Turkey . For more information - www.primavera.ru
In case that gamma knife, positron emission tomography and other therapeutic methods, still not available in Bulgaria, are necessary – Dr. Sadakov is an authorized representative of hospital chain Acibadem – Istanbul, branch of Harvard university hospitals - USA.